Month: October 2014

Desk, an editorial desktop publishing app for OS X

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I used to blog a lot. Wind the clock back 10 years and I was in love with the idea, regularly spamming my Blogger site to write about anything and everything. About six months later my enthusiasm had curiously waned. It wasn’t that I didn’t love writing, it was the experience, the toil of using Blogger’s back-end CMS to input content that really put me off. In those days the options for using a desktop blogging client […]

MisFit Flash activity tracker

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I’m currently testing out the MisFit Flash, one of the latest and most inexpensive activity trackers to hit the wearables market. It may not look like much but what makes this tracker immediately stand out is its price tag. For 50 quid you get a rubber wristband and disc-shaped, tuppence-sized plastic tracker that records your activity in steps, calories and miles, and also keeps an eye on your sleep. It’s advertised as waterproof to 30 […]

20 OS X Yosemite tips

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There’s nothing like a new operating system to disrupt/improve your computing experience. Fortunately for Mac users, Yosemite is quickly proving its worth probably due to Apple’s decision to run a public beta development program for the OS. The Golden Master version is finally here, however, so you should read my 20 Lifehacker tips for getting the best out of Yosemite. [ssba]