Month: November 2014

The 20 best cases for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

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Apple introduced two new ranges to its iPhone line-up for 2014 and both of them are bigger than ever. Personally I’m not a fan of the larger sizes, and even Apple once believed that the 4-inches of the iPhone 5 represented the perfect dimensions for a handset, but the company has pandered to the market nevertheless. Regardless, in the run-up to Christmas it all translates to lots of iPhone gift-giving and as usual this time […]

Streaming my iTunes library on my phone for free

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My home was burgled this week. I lost my laptop and my tablet – insignificant minutiae in the grand scheme of things, but for someone with an embarrassing lack of genuine trauma in their life, knowing that a stranger has entered your place of residence and taken your stuff comes as quite a shock. On the plus side, it reminds you just how special family and friends are, i.e. the important things in life. But this is a geek post. And […]

This is not a protest


My stroll around York today led to a serendipitous pint at the Guy Fawkes Inn, birthplace of the infamous anti-establishmentarian and the only establishment in the city still illuminated by gas lamp. The subdued Victorian lighting lends the bar an antiquated charm. The walls are painted black to hide the staining haloes of accumulated soot around the forged iron filaments, and in the corners of the rooms stands medieval armour (including a complete suit that […]