Month: December 2014

MacFormat mayhem

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As expected, it’s been a hectic month of tech writing with all manner of digital and print shenanigans to attend to. Probably the best example of my busyness can be found in the latest issue of MacFormat, which I reviewed a bunch of stuff for…

Publish your documents online

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There are tons of ways to self-publish digital content – iBooks, Tumblr, Kindle, blogs like this one. But say you have a particular document that you want to publish as is, without the need for copying/pasting and reformatting the content for another platform. What if you want people to be able to view it without the slightest change to spacing or layout – what then? Turns out there are plenty of ways to do that […]

20 iOS 8 tips and tricks

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Apple took a lot of stick and even issued an apology shortly after the release of iOS 8 to the public, who wasted no time voicing their displeasure at the number of issues the half-baked OS threw up on their devices. It wasn’t just older hardware that was affected – even new iPhone 6 owners had troubles initially. If Apple can’t get its OS right first time for its flagship products then something is badly wrong […]