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Review: Sony’s WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones

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Sony’s WHX-1000XM3 wireless NC headphones are essentially an upgrade to the 1000XM2’s released last year. The new cans feature a series of minor improvements that collectively Sony believes justify a new model number, so I was happy to give them a test drive over on MacRumors. Sony threatened to topple the apple cart in 2016 when it unleashed its flagship MDR-1000X cans on a headphones market which up until then had been dominated by Bose […]

Review: Lofree’s Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard Is a Beautiful, Frustrating Typewriter

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Redesigning an input device is a risky business. When Apple introduced its latest MacBooks, some users complained that the new butterfly mechanism in the keys was a turnoff. They criticized the keyboard for its lack of travel, and said the experience of typing was not much different to tapping on a touch screen. Other users felt okay with the change. Whichever side people fell on the debate, everyone could agree that how a keyboard actually […]

Thoughts on the Moov Now

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Moov Now

I recently checked out the Moov Now activity tracker for an Apple-oriented fitness feature in MacFormat magazine. The article briefly looked at Apple Watch alternatives on the wearable market and compared the relative merits of competing devices that track your daily activity and aim to help you live a generally more active lifestyle. I lauded the Moov Now in the article for its pre-loaded training programmes and ease of use, but criticised it for its […]

Wacom Bamboo Spark: Digitising handwritten notes

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Wacom Bamboo Spark A smart folio that sends written notes to the cloud with a single click   Don’t listen to anyone who says handwritten notes are obsolete in the digital age. If you’ve been to the high street stationery shop recently then you already know that notebooks and notepads remain a huge draw – and not just for the Cath Kidston gingerbread crowd or folks who can’t tell an iPad mini from a nether-region […]

CleanMyDrive 2

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CleanMyDrive 2 MacPaw’s free menu bar app gets a welcome overhaul   The second version of free external drive cleaning app CleanMyDrive got its debut in the Mac App Store today. MacPaw is the same dev team that brought us CleanMyMac 3 and reckons OS X users who work with multiple drives will get a lot more out of this refresh of its free accompanying app. The update adds to CleanMyDrive 2’s ability to remove hidden junk […]

Tardisk: Boost internal MacBook storage – externally

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Tardisk Pear

Tardisk Boosting internal MacBook storage – externally   Apple’s habit of making its Macs ever more impervious to upgrading has become a topic of widespread scorn in recent years, with the company’s use of proprietary ‘pentalope’ screws, superglued-in batteries and soldered-down RAM chips coming in for a lot of criticism from veteran tinkerers. One component that has so far escaped Apple’s anti-upgrade sealant treatment however is the solid-state storage of Retina MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros […]