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Windows Help & Advice 116

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Windows Help & Advice

Maximise your battery life / Master the Windows 10 taskbar Windows Help & Advice – Christmas 2015 Issue 116 Windows used to be my go-to OS before Macs came along. Recently though I’ve been sucked back in, mainly because Windows 10 isn’t half bad at all. Two tutorials of mine appeared in issue 116 of Windows Help & Advice: one on maximising your laptop’s battery life in Windows 10, and another showing readers how to […]

ImagineFX 131: Wacom Bamboo Spark

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Wacom Bamboo Spark ImagineFX – February Issue 131 The Wacom Bamboo Spark is a folio notepad that automatically digitises handwritten notes and sketches, and stores your inspirations in the cloud. I reviewed the device for ImagineFX and the piece can now be found online over at CreativeBloq. You can find my more personal look at the Wacom Bamboo Spark here.

The Ultimate Networking Handbook

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The Ultimate Networking Handbook

A Brief History of Computer Networking The Ultimate Networking Handbook I was asked to write this feature article for The Ultimate Networking Handbook, which contains guidance on setting up a sophisticated home network, taking in cloud storage, homebrew servers and network attached hard drive arrays along the way. Here’s a snippet from my more reflective feature to whet your tech chops… The networking technology underlying our current ‘Information Age’ is largely a result of the […]

ImagineFX 130: ArtRage for iPad

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ArtRage for iPad

ArtRage for iPad / Adonit Jot Stylus ImagineFX – January Issue 130 ArtRage was one of the first painting apps for iPad, so it’s enjoyed plenty of refinement over the years. Its oil and watercolour painting toolkit is probably the most naturalistic available for Apple’s tablet device. I reviewed the latest version (v2.0.2) of the app, along with the Adonit Jot fine point stylus, for the January issue of ImagineFX.

MacFormat 295: Get fit with Apple kit

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Get fit with Apple kit

Get fit with Apple kit MacFormat – January 2016 Issue 295 Self-tracking is nothing new. Professional athletes and trainers have monitored personal metrics for decades in an effort to improve performance, while doctors and clinicians have studied medical data for longer to improve patient health. But in the last few years, interest in biometrics has increased exponentially. In this feature for MacFormat, I look at why tracking health and fitness data has really taken off […]

ImagineFX 129: Wacom Intuos Art

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Wacom Intuos Art review

Wacom Intuos Art ImagineFX – Christmas Issue 129 Moving from a mouse to working with a pen tablet is the biggest step you can take as a digital illustrator, so choosing the right tool for the job is crucial. The Intuos Draw is Wacom’s new beginner device, but the Intuos Art I reviewed for ImagineFX targets users with ‘more advanced artistic skills’. The Art tablet is available in two sizes, supports touch gestures and includes […]