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Earth’s oceans

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I wrote a handful of features for this lovely-looking new Discover Science series of ‘bookazines’. Here’s the blurb for the first issue, Oceans… “Within your aquatic guide, we trawl history and the planet to serve up the greatest tales from the ocean. In our geology section, discover how oceans were formed four billion years ago; our sea animal chapter reveals how jellyfish can morph into their juvenile state; sharks deservedly earn their own chapter and […]

Evolving the concept of the in-between

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One of my side projects involves providing words and visual effects for performances by the Bristol-born music group Ersatz, the brainchild of two fine musicians and very good friends of mine, Jim Cornick and Ben Johnson. To categorise the music they make is to distort it – it really has to be experienced to be understood. And I say experienced intentionally rather than heard, although to say understood is – unintentionally – already saying too […]

You know you need a career change when…

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Your journey to the office, like many people’s, doesn’t much veer from the following standard going-to-work fare. You hurriedly lock the door behind you and crash onto the street. It may be raining, but invariably this is the first you know about it but you’ll miss your bus if you attempt to go back inside, unlock the door and find a broken umbrella. So, Wanda-like and flailing, you head for the end of the road. […]