Deep-Freezing the Dead: how cryopreservation could save us from terminal illness

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Cryogenics and sleeping pods are a common sci-fi trope, but the idea of intentionally freezing the ill or ‘declared dead’ until such a time when science may revive them from their mortal slumber isn’t so far-fetched – at least according to supporters of the practice.

The act of preserving those who can’t be helped by contemporary medicine – known in the business as cryonics – is already a reality, although some would argue one based on faith rather than science.

“I figure the future is a pretty decent place to be, so I want to be there,” says Max More, CEO of Alcor, one of the largest cryonics companies currently in existence.

Founded back in 1972, the self-described ‘Life Extension Foundation’ currently has 1,100 post-mortem ‘patients’ stored in towering, vacuum-insulated silver capsules at its Arizona-based facilities…

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