Wireless touch headphones

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Everything is wireless these days: your watch, your car keys, the moggy’s collar. In the area of audio devices, going wireless was once a trade-off between sound quality and convenience: lose the wiring and you were at the mercy of ethereal factors such as latency, range and compression, along with an almost guaranteed reduction in sonic enjoyment.

Fortunately, wireless audio protocols have come a long way since the introduction of Bluetooth, and with the help of codecs such as aptX and A2DP, audio quality is finally approaching standards once the preserve of wired systems.

That’s not to say every Bluetooth implementation is perfect. Bluetooth headphones will only sound as good as their audio components allows, to say nothing of potentially mitigating factors such as design, battery life, comfort and usability.

That last variable brings us to another innovation that is finding its way into all manner of tech these days: touch controls (also called ‘gestures’). They’re found in phone screens, laptop trackpads and now wireless audio equipment, as my review round-up for MacFormat 288 attests…