Getting fit with Apple Watch

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Wearables are already big business in the fitness world. Users talk of the ‘quantified self’ as the latest advance in fitness optimisation. That may sound glib, but if you’re looking to get fit and stay healthy then performance data is crucial to achieving that goal.

So when word got out that Apple was working on a wristwatch with fitness tracking features, my interest naturally piqued. When I heard various models would be available, one called the Apple Watch Sport, I knew I had to check it out.

The spec sheet is impressive: the Watch packs an accelerometer, a gyroscope and optical heart-rate sensors. What struck me when I got hold of one though was how light and durable it feels on the wrist. Much has been written about the design’s solid water-resistance, but the aluminium case and scratch-resistant glass display really do feel fitness-ready.

Twinned with a white ‘fluoroelastomer’ flexible strap, it’s secure yet comfy, and certainly looks like a sleek athletic timepiece. But how would it perform – and more importantly, would it translate to a fitter, healthier me? I sought to find out in issue 289 of MacFormat