Noise-cancelling headphones

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I recently had the chance to test-drive Bose’s QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones. Bose is clearly responding to the threat of Beats with this new model, which is more style-conscious than headphones past and a looks a lot less like an air cabin accessory.

I’ve been the owner of a pair of QuietComfort 15 cans for a while now, so not only was I interested to hear if the audio delivery of the QC25s were a step above, I was also eager to see just how far Bose’s noise-cancellation technology has come in the intervening years (the QC15s hit the market in August of 2009).

Bose QC15 cans

The first thing to strike me was the huge improvement in build quality. The QC15s always felt overly plastic and flimsy for a £200+ pair of cans, with weak hinges that made you feel you had to treat them with kid gloves when folding them away.

By contrast, the QC25s feel sturdier in every respect, less prone to breakage and altogether more assured, right down to the thickness of the rubberised cable; they don’t sound half bad either, as my review in MacFormat 284 reveals…