How to get fit with Apple Watch fitness apps

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Get fit Apple Watch

One of the attractions of the Apple Watch is its built-in activity tracking features. The proprietary Activity app enables you to track your movement, exercise and standing frequency over time, while integrated feedback helps you to improve on long-term activity goals.

Apple’s efforts are commendable, but a little basic for the committed fitness freak, which is why there are third-party Apple Watch fitness apps available that specialise in these areas and which may serve your needs better than the stock option.

In this article I take a closer look at the Apple Watch implementation of three third-party fitness apps and walk you through some typical usage patterns.

TechRadar link.

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Windows Help & Advice 116

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Windows Help & Advice

Maximise your battery life / Master the Windows 10 taskbar

Windows Help & Advice – Christmas 2015 Issue 116

Windows used to be my go-to OS before Macs came along. Recently though I’ve been sucked back in, mainly because Windows 10 isn’t half bad at all.

Two tutorials of mine appeared in issue 116 of Windows Help & Advice: one on maximising your laptop’s battery life in Windows 10, and another showing readers how to master the Windows taskbar. Subscriptions and single issues are available to order here.

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Thoughts on the Moov Now

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Moov Now

I recently checked out the Moov Now activity tracker for an Apple-oriented fitness feature in MacFormat magazine.

The article briefly looked at Apple Watch alternatives on the wearable market and compared the relative merits of competing devices that track your daily activity and aim to help you live a generally more active lifestyle.

I lauded the Moov Now in the article for its pre-loaded training programmes and ease of use, but criticised it for its lack of insight when compared to the activity breakdowns that devices such as the Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP provide.

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10 of the best iPhone 6S cases

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Optrix Body Glove Pro

Apple iPhone 6S handsets have been flying off the shelves in their millions since September, and there’s every reason to think they’ll continue to be a huge hit right through 2016.

Despite that, the iPhone 6S isn’t hugely different from the previous iPhone 6, and looking at the two handsets you’d think they’re identical. But in fact, the 6S is 11 per cent heavier, due to the technical wizardry packed into that 3D Touch display.

Heavier handsets tend to hit the floor harder, which is why iPhone 6S owners should definitely consider a decent case. I plucked ten of the very best from the market that not only serve to protect, but also bring out the style in Apple’s flagship device. You can find them in this TechRadar piece, along with a few more for good measure.

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