Discover Science Series The Oceans I wrote a handful of features for this lovely-looking new Discover Science series. Here’s the blurb for the first issue… “Within your aquatic guide, we trawl history and the planet to serve up the greatest tales from the ocean. In our geology section, discover how oceans were formed four billion years ago; our sea animal chapter reveals how jellyfish can morph into their juvenile state; sharks deservedly earn their own […]

Computer Arts Magazine Various articles I worked as Operations Editor on Computer Arts magazine for an 18-month stint and wrote many of the regular sections, covering various events, designers, locations and projects in the creative industries and spanning areas of branding, illustration, design, identity, packaging, motion video and installations. During my time there I got to attend the D&AD Awards, the Brand Impact Awards and TYPO Berlin, and learned lots about the world of design in the […]

Science Uncovered 03 Articles: Exoskeletons / Prosthetics The first Science Uncovered special of 2014 was titled The Big Book of Inventions; I contributed articles on prosthetics and exoskeletons. Exoskeletons augment rather than replace human body parts and remain rudimentary and cumbersome things, but I think most people were surprised and astonished at how far prosthetics have come, thanks to technological innovations like myolelectrics and even Bluetooth.  

Science Uncovered 05 Articles: Deciphering Linear B / The White Horse Two of my articles appeared in the sixth Science Uncovered special that went on sale in May of 2014. The first was an in-depth look at the mystery that surrounded Crete’s ancient Linear B syllabic script in the twentieth century. The second article was a short look at origins of the Uffington Horse etched into the Oxfordshire hillside.  

Science Uncovered 02 Articles: The Sun / The Moon / The Universe The second special of Science Uncovered to hit the stands widened the focus to a truly cosmic scale and I thoroughly enjoyed contributing some short articles to the publication. These three took a closer look at the moon, the sun, and the size of the universe, each one accompanying some great imagery. I remember thinking that if these pieces didn’t get people into […]

Science Uncovered 01  Articles: Vision in nature / Swarm behaviour / Great Barrier Reef I contributed four articles to the first Science Uncovered special to hit the newsstands. SU is Future’s first foray into the popular science section and this represents an expansion of the brand with a really good-looking offshoot publication. This is the first in a planned series of ‘bookazines’ covering a range of scientific themes, and I was chuffed to be able to write for its first […]