Tap! Magazine Tap! Magazine was one of the first print titles exclusively for iPhone and iPad owners. Despite its short lifespan, the magazine was well-liked by readers for its comprehensive coverage of iOS news, games, applications and related accessories. I contributed a number of game reviews and tutorials for the title, edited by Christopher Phin.

Windows Help & Advice Windows used to be my go-to OS before Macs came along. Recently though I’ve been sucked back in, mainly because Windows 10 isn’t half bad at all. I now regularly contribute tutorial articles to Windows Help & Advice, which can be found in newsagents or ordered online.

The Ultimate iPad Handbook I was the editor on the Ultimate iPad Handbook, which helps readers master iOS 9 features, explore iCloud Photo Library, Apple Music and more. The 180-page guide carries dozens of expert tutorials to help you make the most of iOS apps such as Mail, Maps, Calendar, Photos and Safari on your iPad. It also explains how to use iCloud to sync and backup all your files, as well as how to […]

Apple Watch Handbook

The Ultimate Apple Watch Handbook I contributed two how-to articles to this one-off bookazine, which takes new Apple Watch owners step by step through key Apple Watch features including Activity, Apple Pay and Apple Music, as well as Siri, Messages and Maps. The Ultimate Apple Watch Handbook also helps owners discover and use the best free and paid-for Apple Watch apps.

The Ultimate Networking Handbook

A Brief History of Computer Networking The Ultimate Networking Handbook I was asked to write this feature article for The Ultimate Networking Handbook, which contains guidance on setting up a sophisticated home network, taking in cloud storage, homebrew servers and network attached hard drive arrays along the way. Here’s a snippet from my more reflective feature to whet your tech chops… The networking technology underlying our current ‘Information Age’ is largely a result of the […]

ImagineFX Various reviews I regularly contribute app reviews for ImagineFX magazine, a long-running title that’s packed with demonstrations, tutorials, tips and advice for aspiring and professional sci-fi and fantasy artists. Tablet devices have become invaluable tools for artists and the range of apps aimed at the creatively gifted is growing all the time. My recent reviews have included the Intuos Art tablet, Hydra, PaintCan, Instagram Layout, Adobe Color CC, Waterlogue and Evernote (for artists), to name […]

Yosemite Made Simple Bookazine Series After claiming some familiarity with the Mac OS, I got the chance to edit this Yosemite guide, which includes tutorials on Apple Music and a host of other features and services integral to Apple’s flagship operating system.

Discover Science Series The Oceans I wrote a handful of features for this lovely-looking new Discover Science series. Here’s the blurb for the first issue… “Within your aquatic guide, we trawl history and the planet to serve up the greatest tales from the ocean. In our geology section, discover how oceans were formed four billion years ago; our sea animal chapter reveals how jellyfish can morph into their juvenile state; sharks deservedly earn their own […]

Computer Arts Magazine Various articles I worked as Operations Editor on Computer Arts magazine for an 18-month stint and wrote many of the regular sections, covering various events, designers, locations and projects in the creative industries and spanning areas of branding, illustration, design, identity, packaging, motion video and installations. During my time there I got to attend the D&AD Awards, the Brand Impact Awards and TYPO Berlin, and learned lots about the world of design in the […]

MacFormat Numerous articles I wrote regularly for MacFormat as part of its editorial team for over four years and have been a contributing writer ever since. The 250th anniversary issue of MacFormat coincided with a complete redesign of the magazine and a new iPad edition created in Folio, Future’s bespoke digital newsstand editor application. I was the operations editor on MacFormat at the time and contributed to the concept design, which was masterfully put together […]