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How to swap your old MacBook Pro DVD drive for an SSD

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Now that the majority of premium computers pack solid-stage storage it’s abundantly clear that the hardware components we had previously come to rely on as factors guiding performance – CPU, bus chipset, RAM and so on – were held back for years by underwhelming storage, or traditional hard disk drives. While memory, central processors and graphics cores stayed true to Moore’s Law by getting faster year on year without an equivalent cost increase, hard disks perennially lagged behind. […]

25 new features in OS X Yosemite

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Apple’s new operating system for driving everything we do on our Macs is just around the corner. It’s called Yosemite, and has a bunch of new features such as Hand-off and iCloud Drive, but also numerous other little updates that aren’t so well publicised. I was lucky enough to bag a public beta of OS X 10.10, so I set to exploring what was new and wrote this piece for Lifehacker detailing my discoveries. [ssba]

10 ways to make a city sustainable

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Science Uncovered issue 08 was all about how the world’s biggest mega structures work and how they were constructed. My eight-page feature looked at 10 technologies in place at Abu Dhabi’s innovative Masdar City – a sort of bankrolled experiment in sustainable living laid out in a grid structure in the middle of the desert. It has its own 22-hectare solar farm and is projected to be home to 40,000 residents and 1,500 businesses employing […]

The Big Book of Inventions

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I contributed articles on prosthetics and exoskeletons in the first Science Uncovered special of 2014, titled The Big Book of Inventions. Exoskeletons augment rather than replace human body parts and are cumbersome things in the world of robotics – and nothing like you see in the movies. But a lot of readers will be surprised and astonished at how nuanced prosthetics have come, thanks to technological innovations like myolelectrics and Bluetooth.    

20 OS X Mavericks tips

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Another OS X, another bunch of useful tips by yours truly to help you get the most out of Apple’s latest operating system. This lot was written for TechRadar, so you should head on over there if you fancy a gander. [20 Mavericks tips via TechRadar] [ssba]

Apple stores saved Apple Inc.

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It’s hard to imagine a major high street these days without an Apple store lighting up the place with a partially masticated fruit made of brilliant white light. That wasn’t always the case of course, but no one ever remembers the day a Currys opened in town and most people would at least never admit to camping outside of Argos waiting to pick up the successor to their Nokia 3210. Whatever you think of them, the rise and […]