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Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones Review

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bose qc35

With the controversial absence of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7 now a reality, accessory companies are busily churning out wireless alternatives, and that’s as true of Bose as it is of other big audio brands. Its latest QuietComfort 35 over-the-ear headphones ($350) are a wireless version of the company’s flagship premium QC25 cans ($300), seen by some as offering the best active noise-cancelling in the business. The QC35’s retain the same established design […]

Beoplay H5 Bluetooth Earphones Review

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beoplay h5

In June, premium audio heavyweight brand Bose debuted a wireless version of its flagship over-the-ear headphones with the QuietComfort 35’s. Not to be outdone, in September Danish audio big hitter B&O entered the fray with its Beoplay H5 Bluetooth buds, a pair of high-end magnetized earphones designed “for music lovers who live to move.” You can read my review of the Beoplay H5 earphones here.

Wireless touch headphones

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Parrot Zik 2.0

Everything is wireless these days: your watch, your car keys, the moggy’s collar. In the area of audio devices, going wireless was once a trade-off between sound quality and convenience: lose the wiring and you were at the mercy of ethereal factors such as latency, range and compression, along with an almost guaranteed reduction in sonic enjoyment. Fortunately, wireless audio protocols have come a long way since the introduction of Bluetooth, and with the help […]

Noise-cancelling headphones

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I recently had the chance to test-drive Bose’s QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones. Bose is clearly responding to the threat of Beats with this new model, which is more style-conscious than headphones past and a looks a lot less like an air cabin accessory. I’ve been the owner of a pair of QuietComfort 15 cans for a while now, so not only was I interested to hear if the audio delivery of the QC25s were a step above, […]