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20 Mac OS X El Capitan tips, tricks and hidden features

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OS X El Capitan

The twelfth major release of OS X is now officially available on the Mac App Store. As usual, Apple’s new version of its operating system is a completely free download and comes with a bunch of new features. El Capitan has benefitted from a public beta testing programme to iron out the vast majority of bugs prior to hitting the mainstream, so as long as your Mac is compatible then there’s no reason not to […]

20 iOS 9 features, tips and tricks

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iOS 9 tips

Apple has finally released its latest iteration of iOS which boasts a slew of new features that promise a better user experience on iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. New additions in iOS 9 such as the News app and Multi-tasking capabilities have been making the headlines, but there’s a whole lot else going on that you might not know about, which is why I wrote up these 20 iOS 9 tips for Lifehacker readers. [ssba]

How to swap your old MacBook Pro DVD drive for an SSD

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Now that the majority of premium computers pack solid-stage storage it’s abundantly clear that the hardware components we had previously come to rely on as factors guiding performance – CPU, bus chipset, RAM and so on – were held back for years by underwhelming storage, or traditional hard disk drives. While memory, central processors and graphics cores stayed true to Moore’s Law by getting faster year on year without an equivalent cost increase, hard disks perennially lagged behind. […]

Publish your documents online

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There are tons of ways to self-publish digital content – iBooks, Tumblr, Kindle, blogs like this one. But say you have a particular document that you want to publish as is, without the need for copying/pasting and reformatting the content for another platform. What if you want people to be able to view it without the slightest change to spacing or layout – what then? Turns out there are plenty of ways to do that […]

20 OS X Yosemite tips

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There’s nothing like a new operating system to disrupt/improve your computing experience. Fortunately for Mac users, Yosemite is quickly proving its worth probably due to Apple’s decision to run a public beta development program for the OS. The Golden Master version is finally here, however, so you should read my 20 Lifehacker tips for getting the best out of Yosemite. [ssba]

Surprising ways to free up Mac storage space

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I appreciate the performance of solid-state storage, what I don’t like is its price and capacity compared to traditional platter hard disk drives. Any method for freeing up space on an SSD is more than welcome in my book. That goes for just about any type of drive these days as media file sizes expand and the bytes get tight. And that’s why my latest Lifehacker how-to guide explores the least-known ways you can claw […]