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CleanMyDrive 2

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CleanMyDrive 2 MacPaw’s free menu bar app gets a welcome overhaul   The second version of free external drive cleaning app CleanMyDrive got its debut in the Mac App Store today. MacPaw is the same dev team that brought us CleanMyMac 3 and reckons OS X users who work with multiple drives will get a lot more out of this refresh of its free accompanying app. The update adds to CleanMyDrive 2’s ability to remove hidden junk […]

Ulysses: The best writing app for the Mac just got better

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Ulysses 2.2 The best writing app for the Mac just got better   Over the last year a writing app called Ulysses has slowly but surely lured me away from the likes of iAWriter and Scrivener – two very classy apps in their own right – because of its elegant focus on the act of writing and its beautiful, intuitive simplicity when it comes to organising your workflow and documents. Its concept of writing ‘sheets’ is key […]

Streaming my iTunes library on my phone for free

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My home was burgled this week. I lost my laptop and my tablet – insignificant minutiae in the grand scheme of things, but for someone with an embarrassing lack of genuine trauma in their life, knowing that a stranger has entered your place of residence and taken your stuff comes as quite a shock. On the plus side, it reminds you just how special family and friends are, i.e. the important things in life. But this is a geek post. And […]

Desk, an editorial desktop publishing app for OS X

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I used to blog a lot. Wind the clock back 10 years and I was in love with the idea, regularly spamming my Blogger site to write about anything and everything. About six months later my enthusiasm had curiously waned. It wasn’t that I didn’t love writing, it was the experience, the toil of using Blogger’s back-end CMS to input content that really put me off. In those days the options for using a desktop blogging client […]