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MacFormat 295: Get fit with Apple kit

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Get fit with Apple kit

Get fit with Apple kit MacFormat – January 2016 Issue 295 Self-tracking is nothing new. Professional athletes and trainers have monitored personal metrics for decades in an effort to improve performance, while doctors and clinicians have studied medical data for longer to improve patient health. But in the last few years, interest in biometrics has increased exponentially. In this feature for MacFormat, I look at why tracking health and fitness data has really taken off […]

Getting fit with Apple Watch

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Wearables are already big business in the fitness world. Users talk of the ‘quantified self’ as the latest advance in fitness optimisation. That may sound glib, but if you’re looking to get fit and stay healthy then performance data is crucial to achieving that goal. So when word got out that Apple was working on a wristwatch with fitness tracking features, my interest naturally piqued. When I heard various models would be available, one called […]

Wireless touch headphones

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Parrot Zik 2.0

Everything is wireless these days: your watch, your car keys, the moggy’s collar. In the area of audio devices, going wireless was once a trade-off between sound quality and convenience: lose the wiring and you were at the mercy of ethereal factors such as latency, range and compression, along with an almost guaranteed reduction in sonic enjoyment. Fortunately, wireless audio protocols have come a long way since the introduction of Bluetooth, and with the help […]

Noise-cancelling headphones

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I recently had the chance to test-drive Bose’s QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones. Bose is clearly responding to the threat of Beats with this new model, which is more style-conscious than headphones past and a looks a lot less like an air cabin accessory. I’ve been the owner of a pair of QuietComfort 15 cans for a while now, so not only was I interested to hear if the audio delivery of the QC25s were a step above, […]

MisFit Flash activity tracker

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I’m currently testing out the MisFit Flash, one of the latest and most inexpensive activity trackers to hit the wearables market. It may not look like much but what makes this tracker immediately stand out is its price tag. For 50 quid you get a rubber wristband and disc-shaped, tuppence-sized plastic tracker that records your activity in steps, calories and miles, and also keeps an eye on your sleep. It’s advertised as waterproof to 30 […]

Apple stores saved Apple Inc.

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It’s hard to imagine a major high street these days without an Apple store lighting up the place with a partially masticated fruit made of brilliant white light. That wasn’t always the case of course, but no one ever remembers the day a Currys opened in town and most people would at least never admit to camping outside of Argos waiting to pick up the successor to their Nokia 3210. Whatever you think of them, the rise and […]