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20 OS X Mavericks tips

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Another OS X, another bunch of useful tips by yours truly to help you get the most out of Apple’s latest operating system. This lot was written for TechRadar, so you should head on over there if you fancy a gander. [20 Mavericks tips via TechRadar]

Apple stores saved Apple Inc.

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It’s hard to imagine a major high street these days without an Apple store lighting up the place with a partially masticated fruit made of brilliant white light. That wasn’t always the case of course, but no one ever remembers the day a Currys opened in town and most people would at least never admit to camping outside of Argos waiting to pick up the successor to their Nokia 3210. Whatever you think of them, the rise and […]

OS X menu bar applets

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OS X menu bar applets are more useful than you might think. They come in a range of types and if you have them load on boot-up you’ve got a series of functions immediately available on your desktop without having to load or search for a thing. I wrote a feature guide to applets for MacFormat issue 256 and I’m happy to say you can read it online over at the TechRadar Pro website, if […]

Macs and malware: how real is the threat?

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Mac malware

I was invited to travel to Moscow to visit the headquarters of Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky and learn about the growing threat of malware to Mac users. The experience was informative and entertaining in equal measure, as our group of tech journalists got to interview company CEO Eugene Kaspersky, take a tour around Red Square and sail up the Moskva River, not to mention try out a variety of tasty Russian vodkas! Following the trip, […]

Apps to expand your mind

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Image by Dierk Schaefer

This article on TechRadar Pro was one of the first features I wrote for Tap! Magazine. It was an exciting time: iOS was relatively new and developers were eager to leverage the technology of the Multi-Touch screen of an iPad, and I had the freedom to choose which apps met the ‘mind-expanding’ criteria. “At what point in life did learning become a chore? Perhaps the school classroom is to blame – because let’s face it, […]