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The mystery of the White Horse

Huffington horse

Tucked away in the hills of Oxfordshire, England, amid the upper slopes of the unassuming parish of Uffington, lies a series of winding trenches filled with crushed white chalk. Standing between the scoured lines offers only a hint of what their elegant convergence conveys from afar: a stylised representation of a horse, its sinewy, curlicue limbs outstretched in mid-gallop. Some 365 feet in length from head to tail, the White Horse of Uffington isn’t the […]

This is not a protest


My stroll around York today led to a serendipitous pint at the Guy Fawkes Inn, birthplace of the infamous anti-establishmentarian and the only establishment in the city still illuminated by gas lamp. The subdued Victorian lighting lends the bar an antiquated charm. The walls are painted black to hide the staining haloes of accumulated soot around the forged iron filaments, and in the corners of the rooms stands medieval armour (including a complete suit that […]

The Runner’s High

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The Runner's High

A few years ago I wrote about an elusive experience that is usually the preserve of ultra-marathon runners and is occasionally induced in those undergoing intense physical exertion over a sustained period of time. I was delighted to learn that an anthology was in the works covering this very phenomenon, and my essay was accepted for publication. Here is the blurb for the book, published by Tiger Press… “The runner’s high is a marvelous side-effect […]