Streaming my iTunes library on my phone for free

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My home was burgled this week. I lost my laptop and my tablet – insignificant minutiae in the grand scheme of things, but for someone with an embarrassing lack of genuine trauma in their life, knowing that a stranger has entered your place of residence and taken your stuff comes as quite a shock.

On the plus side, it reminds you just how special family and friends are, i.e. the important things in life.

But this is a geek post. And for a freelance tech writer, losing your computer/tablet presents a few challenges of its own. Happily I was able to smooth out those challenges with a soundtrack of good music despite losing access to my iTunes library, thanks to my free Google Play account.

A friend (thanks Ben!) had shown me how Google’s Play Music app allowed him to stream his entire music collection on his Android phone. The app’s also available on iOS and works similarly to Apple’s iTunes Match, but Google account holders get a 20,000 track upload allowance by default, absolutely free. The allowance is for life, and you don’t even have to enter any credit card information to get it.

The night before the break-in I chose, on a whim, to upload my iTunes library using Google’s simple Music Manager app. (If you’re a Chrome user, you can also upload tracks through your browser.)

So, Mac-less for just a little while (thanks Chris!) and with only an iPhone for company, I was still able to listen to my music collection through the Play Music app the entire time, proving you can take away my stuff, Mr Burglar, but you can’t take away my music!