Evolving the concept of the in-between

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One of my side projects involves providing words and visual effects for performances by the Bristol-born music group Ersatz, the brainchild of two fine musicians and very good friends of mine, Jim Cornick and Ben Johnson.

To categorise the music they make is to distort it – it really has to be experienced to be understood. And I say experienced intentionally rather than heard, although to say understood is – unintentionally – already saying too much. And I’m not being intentionally vague…

If Ersatz must be described then I would offer the words ‘ambient-electronic mixed with classcial instruments, vocals, and beat-driven elements’. Their live gigs rarely rely on pre-arranged compositions but advance spontaneously on the basis of atmospheric, visual and formative musical cues which build towards a unified, holistic performance.

Prior to one of their recent performances at the Bristol Folk House, I gave a brief talk on the concept of liminality. It seemed to go down pretty well, so I composed a short essay based on the talk which has now been posted over on the Ersatz website. Jump over there to give it a read, but before you do, check out the track below…