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20 iOS 8 tips and tricks

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Apple took a lot of stick and even issued an apology shortly after the release of iOS 8 to the public, who wasted no time voicing their displeasure at the number of issues the half-baked OS threw up on their devices. It wasn’t just older hardware that was affected – even new iPhone 6 owners had troubles initially. If Apple can’t get its OS right first time for its flagship products then something is badly wrong […]

Streaming my iTunes library on my phone for free

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My home was burgled this week. I lost my laptop and my tablet – insignificant minutiae in the grand scheme of things, but for someone with an embarrassing lack of genuine trauma in their life, knowing that a stranger has entered your place of residence and taken your stuff comes as quite a shock. On the plus side, it reminds you just how special family and friends are, i.e. the important things in life. But this is a geek post. And […]

Apps to expand your mind

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This article on TechRadar Pro was one of the first features I wrote for Tap! Magazine. It was an exciting time: iOS was relatively new and developers were eager to leverage the technology of the Multi-Touch screen of an iPad, and I had the freedom to choose which apps met the ‘mind-expanding’ criteria. “At what point in life did learning become a chore? Perhaps the school classroom is to blame – because let’s face it, […]