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Wonders of the World

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I contributed four articles to the first Science Uncovered special to hit the newsstands. SU is Future’s first foray into the popular science section and this represents an expansion of the brand with a really good-looking offshoot publication. This is the first in a planned series of ‘bookazines’ covering a range of scientific themes, and I was chuffed to be able to write for its first incarnation about animal vision, swarm behaviour, hibernation and the Great […]

Apps to expand your mind

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Image by Dierk Schaefer

This article on TechRadar Pro was one of the first features I wrote for Tap! Magazine. It was an exciting time: iOS was relatively new and developers were eager to leverage the technology of the Multi-Touch screen of an iPad, and I had the freedom to choose which apps met the ‘mind-expanding’ criteria. “At what point in life did learning become a chore? Perhaps the school classroom is to blame – because let’s face it, […]